About us

Silver Lining Metals Stamps is an Arizona based company, providing custom, quality hand made metal stamping tools.
Born from a passion of a life in the metal arts met with the desire to develop the exact tools he needed to realize his own creative visions, founder and owner Hector M. Ortega has been providing the makers community with unique and stylized hand made tools, created with a traditional tool set.
After making several collections of jewelry, Hector realized the challenges of not being able to readily create the pieces he envisioned, largely due to the unavailability of the stamping tools he desired. By his understanding of geometrical relationships, general aesthetics and how different materials move, Hector became dedicated to creating tools not only for his personal works, but for others to use on their own.
Hector’s intimate knowledge of design ranges from large-scale sculpture to small one of a kind works, with his background rooted in architectural fabrication and fine art sculpture.
 Most of his works are uniquely one-off creations that will become part of the legacy he will leave behind, as these tools will continue making through the ages.